Falling Back Song Lyric – Drake Album Songs

Album: Honestly, Nevermind
Album Name: Falling Back
Artist: Drake
Genres: House music, Dance/Electronic, Hip-Hop/Rap
Released: 2022

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Oh, yeah
Ayy, yuh
Ayy, ayy

Finding myself, showing myself
Finding a way to stay outta the way
Holding me back, supposed to come right back
Guardin’ myself while I’m all on display
I know you know all about it , I Know
deep down, you feel the same
I know you know how I feel
I know you know how I feel
Howw do I ? How do I feel? How do I feel?
Howw do you say to my face, “Time heals”?
Then go and leave me again, unreal
I see us fadin’ away, I’m still
Holdin’ my breath for the day that you will
See that the effort I make is too real
How can you say that you know how I feel?
Ayy, wee
How can you say you know what I’m feeling? Wait
Know what I’m feeling, wait, you don’t feel nothing, wait
Nothing is healing, wait, time is just killing, wait
How can you say, wait, you know what I’m feeling, wait
You know what I’m feeling, wait, you don’t feel nothing, wait
Time isn’t healing, wait, time is revealing, wait
How are you feeling? Wait, you don’t feel nothing


Just like I expected
Falling back on me !!Falling back, if I
Falling back on me …**( 21 )
What would you do without me?
What would you do without me?
I think you would lose everything
Fallin’ back on me

Well, hear wah, you don’t test

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